A game of high tech and low life among the stars.

What’s good, spacer?

Warpcore is a cyber-noir tabletop roleplaying game based around the ORE (One Roll Engine) system. This wiki collects information about the setting and the game mechanics.

The Lowdown

  • Humanity has expanded throughout the galaxy, fracturing into disparate cultures and factions. The Federation governs Earth and the planets in the Sol system and those surrounding it, but other interests have a stronger hold the further one gets into the black.
  • While Intergalactic corporations exercise powerful economic control, there are fortunes to be made in the seedier industries. Grifters run amok, separating the saps from their hard-earned quid.

The Future

This wiki will be continually updated as the setting expands.

Listen to the setting’s infinite soundtrack. (Pandora station)

A field of space junk orbits Earth.


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